U.K. State of Mind

How Project Professionals Feel about Brexit, Switching Jobs and More


For project professionals in the United Kingdom, Brexit seems less alarming, the title “change manager” is gaining steam—and a different job sounds pretty good. By Amelia Garza


More U.K. project professionals are shrugging off Brexit's potential impact.

Is Brexit impacting your level of confidence?

  2016 2017
No 48% 54%
Yes—positively  9%  7%
Yes—negatively 38% 36%
Prefer not to share  5%  4%


Over the last three years, more U.K. project professionals identified themselves as “change managers,” while fewer identified as “project managers.”

  2015 2016 2017
Change managers  3%  4%  7%
Project managers 43% 39% 36%


Just over 30 percent of U.K. project professionals say they are satisfied in their current position.



Women in the U.K. are more likely to be portfolio managers than program or project managers. That role is far more likely to be a full-time staff position.

  Women Permanent workers
Portfolio managers 31% 74%
Program managers 20% 52%
Project managers 24% 47%

Source: Project Management Benchmark Report, Arras People, February 2018



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