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Ilma Laurindo, PMP

Project And Process Manager, Ihara Chemical Industry, Sorocaba, Brazil

Location: Sorocaba, Brazil

Title: Project and process manager

Organization: IHARA Chemical Industry

Sector: Chemicals

Resilient, focused, pragmatic.

What attracted you to project management?

My love for working with people.

How has your professional certification helped advance your career?

It has provided me with knowledge and new opportunities in the job market.

What's the best project management advice you've received?

Respect people—they are what makes the difference.

What's the biggest challenge in your current project?

Assuring stakeholders’ satisfaction within the expected timeframe and cost.

What's most rewarding about your job?

Dealing with different subjects every day and getting to know a company from the boardroom to frontline operations.

What's your project management mantra?

Projects always change, so be prepared for the challenge.

How would you describe your project management style?

It's all about strong relationships and teamwork.

What's a famous project you wish you could have worked on?

The “Big Dig” in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Why does the world need project managers?

Life is a project!

What's the best book you've read recently?

Felicidade Dá Lucro (The Happiness of Profit) by Márcio Fernandes, the CEO of Elektro. It reminded me that when you care about people and you know how to listen to them, you can grow results. PM

Projects always change, so be prepared for the challenge.



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