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Enrique Sevilla Molina, PMP, Indra Sistemas, Alcobendas, Spain

Even as the global economy continues to nosedive, Enrique Sevilla Molina, PMP, is determined to keep multinational IT service provider Indra Sistemas on track. And he's relying on project management to help him get the job done. As director of the corporate project management office at Indra, Mr. Sevilla hones the company's project management methodology, identifying training needs for his global team, and defining a portfolio management and reporting methodology.

We believe project managers must understand and look at their projects as if they were running their own business. Our project management theory and practices have been built to provide full support to project managers when they are making decisions and, consequently, to give them full responsibility for the project's definition and execution. We believe this person is more than just the one running the project or the one handling the budget or the schedule.

We help project managers by providing clear directions, missions, strategies, methodologies, and a set of common tools and procedures to do their job.

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Have project and portfolio management strategies helped Indra weather the economic downturn?

Absolutely. You can see the impact of this by looking at the results of the company and the stable pattern it displays, although this doesn't mean we won't get hurt by the economic situation.

Has the failing economy affected the way your teams manage projects?

We are addressing two major areas of concern, training of our project managers and improving risk management. Those project management issues are being addressed not only because of the overall economic situation, but also because of the major impact of our growth in the last two years as we acquired or incorporated other IT companies.

We established an updated training program for all of our project managers.

And in the area of risk management, we developed and installed a Web-based tool to handle risks for all projects. It provides a common process and a common set of risk categories to help the project manager identify, evaluate, prioritize and prepare response strategies for project risks. It also provides a set of risk-related reports at both the project and portfolio level.

We are also reinforcing the standardization of reporting and control processes to ensure the data are being gathered and provided in the same way in all of the different areas and subsidiary companies of Indra.

Do you expect these changes to have long-term effects on how you approach project and portfolio management?

Yes, we hope these changes are here to stay, because they are in line with our main goals to improve and expand the project and portfolio management concepts and processes. PM

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