Cómo somos y cómo nos ven: proyectos internacionales en y con América Latina

How we are and how they see us: international projects in and with Latin America

Latin America is as culturally rich and culturally diverse a region as the United States and Western Europe. Yet most of the industrial world tends to stereotype Latin America with over-generalized characterizations that do not differentiate between the numerous Latin American countries and the numerous cities and regions within each Latin American country. This paper examines these generalizations for the purpose of identifying those behaviors and values that are common to Latin America and for the purpose of understanding the skills and the capabilities that Latin American workers need to compete in the global marketplace. It outlines a questionnaire that the author administered on three previous occasions to attendees of two PMI chapter events (Buenos Aires, Argentina and North Carolina) and one PMI Global Congress (EMEA, 2004). It lists the questionnaire responses garnered from these previous presentations and analyzes the four most significant challenges--identified by the questionnaire respondents--in m
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