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Israel Massallo

Project Manager, D+H, Pleasanton, California, USA

Israel Massallo, PMP

Location: Pleasanton, California, USA

Title: Project manager

Organization: D+H

Sector: Financial technology



You served in the U.S. Army Reserve for eight years. How did that prepare you for a project management career?

The U.S. Army is the birthplace of project management. The only difference is that team members are called soldiers.

What project skills did you acquire in the military?

Conflict resolution, risk identification and mitigation, people management—and so many more.

What was hardest about transitioning into civilian work?

Figuring out what outfit I had to wear the next day.

What attracted you to project management?

The ability to plan, communicate and execute as a team.

What makes project management a good career path for veterans?

Project management relies heavily on communication and leadership. Veterans go through years of continuous training in both areas.

Financial technology sounds complex. What's a must-have skill?

Coordinating with diverse team members and outside agencies like [the U.S. Internal Revenue Service] makes communication key. Interpersonal skills grease the wheels.

Project management relies heavily on communication and leadership. Veterans go through years of continuous training in both areas.

How has your professional certification helped you do your job?

It exposed me to different project management methodologies and frameworks. And I'm always aware of the latest advancements in the profession.

On what famous project do you wish you could have worked?

NASA's first flight to the moon. Who doesn't want to be part of a mission to go where no one has gone before? PM


74% of surveyed U.S. veterans are “experienced” or “highly experienced” in executing projects.

89% of surveyed U.S. veterans are “experienced” or “highly experienced” in project leadership.

Source: Armed Forces Project Management Talent Survey, Richardson, T., Earnhardt, M., and Marion J., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University—Worldwide, 2016. Methodology: 620 U.S. military veterans were surveyed.

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