Project manager leadership behaviors and frequency of use by female project managers

a conceptual framework and guidelines for practice

Numerous researchers have identified a range of leadership and managerial behaviors that they believe are most appropriate for managing projects. But much of this research has overlooked the different perspectives held by male and female project managers, perspectives which can shape individual performance. This article examines project management from the female practitioner's point-of-view, discussing the results of a survey which shows the project leadership and managerial behaviors that one group of 62 female project professionals most often rely on while performing their roles. In doing so, it notes this study's four research questions and reviews the research on project leadership, looking at four leadership approaches: transformational, transactional, project management, and gender-specific. It discusses the process of assembling this study's survey, identifying the 50 behaviors listed and the 62 individuals engaged as well as the survey's structure and questions.
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