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Merge with caution

Merger and acquisition deals (M&As) may seem the domain of accountants and attorneys, but it's project leaders who help a new organization thrive by helping decide which legacy initiatives to keep and which to kill. This article discusses how to unite disparate projects and teams across the portfolio. In doing so, it identifies four tips to ensure a smooth transition. First, it discusses establishing centralized leadership, noting that once a deal is closed, organizations may want to consider forming an enterprise project management office (PMO) to lead the integration process. Next, the article looks at defining strategic priorities, stating that the first order of business is for the executive leadership to establish new strategic objectives. It then examines the importance of taking inventory of project currently underway and identifies four important decision points. Finally, the article looks reallocating resources, noting that HR practitioners should be brought into the post-merger integration as early as possible to assess human resources against new strategic priorities. Accompanying the article is a sidebar discussing how to survive a merger or acquisition.
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