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Project Management Knowledge Flows in Networks of Project Managers and Project Management Offices

A Case Study in the Pharmaceutical Industry

This study investigates the knowledge flows among and between project managers and project management office (PMO) members in a pharmaceutical R & D company in China, using a mixed-methods approach. The authors address the case of an organization that has multiple PMOs that also exchanges information among them. Social network analysis (SNA) was used to identify the knowledge exchange practices within this group of practicing project managers and PMO members. This paper provides insights into one very narrow aspect of knowledge exchange, which is the preferred informal interaction among project managers and members of PMO networks and identifies the antecedent for knowledge exchange, preferred communication contacts, clustering of information exchanges, and the extent of information sharing. It reviews the relevant literature of multiple-PMO structures and knowledge governance. The results show that knowledge exchange happens in clusters, where each cluster forms around a PMO member.
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