Puget Sound has SRO meeting

master project manager speaks of cultural diversity

Grassroots efforts have helped many worthy causes gain public recognition and generate larger participation. These were the goals of the Puget Sound PMI Chapter when it hosted an event featuring master project manager Jack Lemley, the builder and CEO of the English Channel Tunnel project. This article describes the chapter's effort to organize this event. In doing so, it identifies the chapter's event goals as well as the challenge it faced: attracting an audience large enough that the event would prove worthy of Mr. Lemley's participation. It explains why hosting Mr. Lemley was a relevant choice for the Puget Sound Region and how a set-back one month before the event actually benefitted the event. It then discusses how the event planning team managed the event's large audience, including the many unexpected attendees who showed up at the last-minute. It overviews the impact this event had on the chapter and on all who attended.
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