Mechanisms for inter-project integration--empirical analysis in program context

a critical engagement

Only recently has the field shifted its view of project management from that of a functional operation for organizing tasks to that of a strategic process for implementing organizational changes, from the one-size-fits-all approach to a tailored process. With this shift has come a new research focus, one studying the simultaneous management of multi-project programs. This paper examines an inductive study of four multi-project programs, one that looks at both the problem of inter-project integration and the way that perceived uncertainty and structural complexity affect different integration mechanisms. In doing so, it lists the study's two research questions and explores these questions in relation to the field's literature; it describes the study's methodology, an effort which involved interviewing 33 project professionals, administering 30 questionnaires, and analyzing the data collected during three phases of in-case and cross-case evaluations.
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