Road warriors

Megaprojects are common in today's technologically advanced world. In Latin America, there is one megaproject now nearing completion that makes most megaprojects seem small by comparison. This article profiles the evolution of the effort construct the 1,617-mile, US$1.3 billion roadway known as the Inter-Oceanic Highway, a road that stretches across the South American continent, passing through the Amazon jungle and the Andes to link the ports in Brazil with the ports in Peru, providing the once-inaccessible towns in-between with the means to acquire goods that were previously attainable via conventional means of land transport. In doing so, it describes how the project team resolved such major challenges as working in freezing temperatures and laying a road that crosses through widely varying terrain--all while meeting the requirements put forward by high-powered stakeholders and environmentalists. It reports the effort involved in realizing this project and the benefits it is expected to generate after it officially opens in late-2009.
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