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nine schools of project management research (part 6)

In the more than sixty years since modern project management was first put into practice, the field has undergone cataclysmic transitions that have significantly advanced not only how practitioners practice and what researchers study, but also how organizations operate, how success is achieved, how value is determined, and how societies evolve and mature. This editorial--the final installment of a six-part series--examines the interactions between project management's nine primary schools of thought, each of which the author, identified in his work with his research partners J. Rodney Turner and Frank T. Anbari, detailed in previous installments. In doing so, it defines the seven points of interaction, which it illustrates in a diagram, tying the nine schools together. It looks at how project management's development has affected practice and scholarship in other management fields, such as the overlapping of the tools used in managing projects and implementing Six Sigma.
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