Northern Exposure

PMI’s Toronto Congress Brings Educational and Networking Opportunities to Project Managers

PMI has again tailored the program for its North American Global Congress to meet the current needs of project managers. This article describes the lineup for PMI's 2005 Global Congress--North America, an event scheduled for 10-13 September 2005 in the Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario (Canada). This article discusses the programming focus, pointing out that PMI developed the 2005 sessions with the intent of offering educational opportunities for experienced as well as younger project professionals, programming that has been developed around the Congress's theme of connectedness. This article also lists the eight programming Areas of Focus and features the keynote speaker, development guru Keith Harrell, speaking about the theme of his talk. It additionally details some of the professional activities--networking, exhibitor presentations, PMI Awards Ceremony--planned for this Congress.
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