Project Management in Action: Project Snapshots

University of South Florida Compresses Schedule with Aid of Project Management

Many organizations are beginning to discover that the best way to implement an operations-critical project is to use a project management approach. This article profiles how the University of South Florida used project management to complete a critical telecommunications project five months ahead of the project's original schedule. In doing so, it identifies the reason why the school moved the delivery date forward and how the project team revamped the initial plan to meet the updated deadline. It also describes how project management techniques enabled the project team to successfully realize this project.Soon after Grumman Data Systems began working on a United States Air Force (USAF) project to develop an online system for aircraft maintenance--the Depot Maintenance Management Information System--the initial contract sharply expanded when the USAF decided to also replace the 33 different other systems it was using. And with this increase in work, for a variety of numerous stakeholders who each had a different stake in the project's realization, Grumman's project team began receiving a large number of stakeholder requests for specific variations of the primary financial reports on the project's progress, variations that reported details most relevant to each stakeholder's line of command. This article discusses how Grumman's project team develop a single financial report that served the individual requirements of the project's many stakeholders. In doing so, it identifies how the stakeholders were using this reports. It then describes some of the key features of the Grumman team's single project report.
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