Data doesn't lie

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Governments live and die by data. To truly serve a population, agencies must understand what people need and how they behave. That information can reveal gaps and inefficiencies in otherwise opaque bureaucracies, helping government agencies save money, increase transparency and improve services. But all that information has to be gathered and analyzed in a timely manner, and many government players cannot process the data deluge. This article discusses how big data can help government agencies cut costs, slash bureaucratic layers and improve transparency, if they can get buy-in. In doing so, it reports the results of a 2013 study conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton showing that roughly two-thirds of U.S. federal government managers said big data could fundamentally transform their options, yet only 37 percent said their agencies have taken the right steps to use big data to improve agency operations, while just 18 percent claimed full proficiency in understanding large data sets. The article then details how sev
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