Our money's worth

six executive officers recount how project management warranted their investment

This article features discussions with six business leaders speaking of the benefits that project management has brought to their companies. Jeff Sterba of PNM Resources (an energy holding company with 2,300 employees) described some of the project management methodologies that enabled the success of PNM's project of replacing human resources and payroll systems. Randolph L. Howard, President of Unocol Thailand, Ltd., said that since his company began instituting project management in 1996, they have been increasingly able to 'front-load' projects, improving scalable project planning, execution, and control. We're pretty fanatical in the concept of project management, said Tony Salvaggio, president of Compute Aid Inc., a 1,700-employee professional systems development and support firm whose projects are achieved with consistency and rigor. Bill Davis, a Vice President of the IT services firm, xwave, described how project management enabled the merger of four telecommunications companies-their assets, people, processes, and information systems. Also included are comments by Charles J.O. Wodehouse, President of CSX Technology, and Martin C. Clague, President and CEO of Covansys.
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