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Perceptions on partnering in the public sector

Project partnering helps to build a united team with a common goal, which in turn improves quality, reduces costs, and increases efficiency.The Mobile District of the Army Corp of Engineers identified three projects with which to partner with the public sector.These projects were the replacement of the Oliver Lock and Dam in Tuscalosa, Alabama; the Test Operation Control Center (TOCC), which controls rocket launches at Cape Canaveral; and the J-6 large rocket test facility at Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) in Tullahoma, Tennessee.To investigate the field employee perceptions of the success of these public partnering projects, a survey was conducted.Results indicate that there was an improvement in communication and problem resolution in the implementation of partnering on the projects.However, complaints were that more time was spent in meetings, and that the public sector partner received more concessions than the government.
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