Performance measurement in a changing scope environment

a case study examining the preparation of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency "air quality criteria document"

When working on fast-track projects, project managers must constantly balance change--both additions and deletions--to the project's scope of work. To effectively manage such a dynamic environment, project managers must use processes that record the changes and measurements that gauge the impact of scope changes. This article examines a method for assessing and measuring performance in relation to the impact that project scope changes have on the project schedule, a method that enables project managers to accurately gauge the work accomplished by contractors as the project's scope changes. It explains the formulas for determining the level of project progress or regress in relation to scope changes and the impact of these changes to the project schedule, formulas that use project man-hours as the standard unit of measurement. It then lists the four values used in determining the amount of work a contractor achieves over a specific period of time.
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