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Knowledge management in UK construction

strategies, resources and barriers

Many of the United Kingdom's (UK) major construction companies have realized important business benefits and competitive advantages as a result of managing the knowledge that their projects generate. This paper examines the results of a survey administered to 170 senior managers working within the UK's top construction companies, a 53-question survey that reported how these companies practice knowledge management. In doing so, it reviews the field's literature on knowledge management, identifying from this information the common types of organizational knowledge and the typical definitions of knowledge management. It also describes why companies working within the UK construction industry are increasingly performingknowledge management activities. It then reports the survey results, listing the five reasons the surveyed companies practice knowledge management and explaining the significance of the survey's findings, reporting how knowledge sharing can help organizations compete better. It also identifies the knowledge management tools that the surveyed companies most often used when collecting and disseminating project-generated knowledge.
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