Prepare For The Worst

Cybersecurity Breaches Are The New Normal


Cybersecurity breaches are the new normal. To develop resilience, IT leaders need to gather organization-wide buy-in on counter-measures, according to PwC's Global State of Information Security Survey 2018.


While executives are cognizant of threats, many have not put plans or people in place to respond.

img of executives do not have an incident-response plan.
img do not have an employee security awareness training program.

Less than half of all organizations have adopted processes to uncover cyber risks.

img 48% actively monitor/analyze information security intelligence.
img 45% conduct vulnerability assessments.
img 45% conduct threat assessments.
img 42% conduct penetration tests.


Executives anticipate significant negative impacts of successful cyberattacks against automation and/or robotics systems.

img 40% Disruption of operations/manufacturing
img 39% Loss or compromise of sensitive data
img 32% Negative impact to quality of products produced
img 29% Damage to physical property
img 22% Harm to human life

Source: Global State of Information Security Survey 2018, PwC, 2018

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