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Called to power

In two years, the United Kingdom will implement RIIO-ED1, a new price-control regulation for power companies. This article features the head of the UK Power Networks' (London, England) program management office (PMO) discussing how he aims to align the company's programs and projects with the organization's broader financial goals. In doing so, it identifies some of the biggest challenges faced by the company's projects, noting that densely populated areas as well as wide-open spaces present major challenges. It also discusses how the capital program and procurement directorate (CP&P) was created to oversee the delivery of all regulated projects and is responsible for the PMO. It then looks at how the PMO is addressing organizational problems by using a matrix structure around how projects are coordinated and delivered and how change is managed. Next, the article overviews the challenges presented by the CP&P directorate and finance directorate stakeholders as well as the stakeholders on the commercial side. It concludes by detailing how projects drive forecasted goals.
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