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Project-based management as an organizational innovation

drivers, changes and benefits of adopting project-based management

Recent innovations in project management structures, methods, systems, and patterns can help organizations develop the opportunities they need to survive and succeed. This paper examines how organizations can implement project-based management (PBM) to realize sustainable competitive advantages. In doing so, it lists PBM's four features and explains the concerns in--and processes of--adopting organizational innovations. It reviews the literature on PBM's development through various models and the literature on innovation and institutional theory. It then outlines the research study, one that analyzes PBM's drivers, changes, and benefits as well as the links between these elements, one that administered a 23-item questionnaire to 111 Australian companies. It describes the questionnaire's items and control variables; it analyzes--using regression analysis--the study's results in relation to its three research questions and other relevant studies.
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