Project Management Institute

Beyond the body of knowledge

a knowledge-flow approach to project management theory and practice

To effectively manage the knowledge generated from implementing projects, organizations must first understand the dynamic flow of knowledge that occurs during projects and within organizations. This paper examines a framework for integrating project-generated organizational knowledge into project management theory and practice. In doing so, it identifies the four interrelated trends that have give rise to the idea that project knowledge is an organizational asset that enables action; it compares the dynamism of knowledge generation to the stasis of a body of knowledge. It describes the three ways that project knowledge--as noted in the field's literature--flows: as solutions, as experience, and as socially created. It then outlines the proposed multidimensional model for managing the flow of project knowledge, detailing the enterprise interrelationships that occur between efforts to manage the flow of work (horizontal processes) and the flow of knowledge (vertical processes).
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