Project management maturity of Croatian companies

is there any?

This research was conducted in order to provide insight into the project management usage in Croatian companies. It was also done in an attempt to discover the current level of organizational project management maturity and to compare that with the global trends. The research is conducted by using Kerzner’s Project Management Maturity Model (PMMM) on a sample of 79 Croatian companies that base at least part of their operations on projects. The results show that the overall maturity of Croatian companies is at level 2, and that there is a difference in the maturity levels depending on company industry, size, and market. According to the results, the most mature organization would be in the ICT industry, having more than 500 employees and operating in both Croatian and foreign markets. Also, results showed high correlation between project, program, and portfolio management maturity.As there is a very little evidence and research regarding project management practice in Croatia, this research provides a valuab
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