La calidad y el factor humano en el gerenciamiento de proyectos

Quality and the human factor in project management

One of the great timeless challenges in managing projects is in trying to deliver an outcome that meets the stakeholder’s quality expectations. But how can project managers ensure that their projects align with the stakeholder’s quality standards? This paper describes how project managers can improve the quality of their projects by using improved project management processes. In doing so, it discusses the relevance of aligning the goals reached during the project life cycle to the user’s requirements. It also explains the key advantage that project teams have in meeting these requirements: That projects are executed by project teams comprised of individuals who are working for stakeholders, a group that is also comprised of individuals. This paper then examines the impact of this human factor on achieving project quality, particularly in regards to the quality of skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by both the individuals comprising the project team and the individual managing the project team. It su
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