Recovering from a crisis at Tinker Air Force Base

meeting cost and schedule objectives in Brazil

Following a 1984 fire at Tinker Air Force Base's (TAFB) Building 3001, the largest building in Oklahoma, TAFB teamed with an engineering team from the University of Oklahoma to rebuild the facility. This article profiles this successful effort. In doing so, it identifies the project's opportunities and defines the purpose of six of the nine phases implemented to manage this project. It overviews the team selection process and explains the team's process for planning the project via the critical path method (CPM), listing the purpose of the plan's five components--system, program, project, task, and activity. It also describes the strategies the team developed to manage the project's major concerns. It then discusses the team's methodology for managing its communication, cooperation, and coordination. Accompanying this article are two sidebars: The first details the Tinker Integrated Planning and Simulation (TIPS) program for minimizing downtime and utilizing labor; the second outlines the project's condensed statement of work (SOW).
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