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When it comes to outsourcing destinations, one region continues to reign supreme: Asia Pacific. Of the top 20 destinations, just four are in other parts of the world, according to Tholons’ 2015 Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations report. With Dublin, Ireland pushed to the 12th position, just one non-Asian city remains in the top 10: Krakow, Poland, known for its ability to handle business analytics, accounting and human resources projects. India and the Philippines—go-to countries for software development projects and call center operations, respectively—continue to dominate the very top of the list.

That doesn't mean nothing has changed across the outsourcing landscape during the last year, however. This year, Hanoi, Vietnam broke into the top 20, thanks to its growing software development capabilities and competitive pricing. Colombo, Sri Lanka jumped up three spots to the 16th position, powered by organizations with expertise in accounting. —Imani Mixon

1. Bengaluru, India (1)

2. Manila, Philippines (2)

3. Mumbai, India (3)

4. Delhi, India (4)

5. Chennai, India (5)

6. Hyderabad, India (6)

7. Pune, India (7)

8. Cebu City, Philippines (8)

9. Krakow, Poland (9)

10. Shanghai, China (11)

11. San Jose, Costa Rica (13)

12. Dublin, Ireland (10)

13. Beijing, China (12)

14. Dalian (Dairen), China (14)

15. Prague, Czech Republic (16)

16. Colombo, Sri Lanka (19)

17. Shenzhen, China (15)

18. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (17)

19. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (18)

20. Hanoi, Vietnam (22)

* Each city's position on Tholons’ 2014 list is in parentheses.

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