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Resource Profiles in Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Using a Personal Computer in an Approach to the Resource Allocation Problem

Since the mid-1960s, pharmaceutical giant Smith Kline & French (SK&F) has been using network-based project planning and management techniques to implement and control its projects. This article--authored by a former SK&F project professional--discusses the rationale and methodology of a SK&F computerized project management model used to study resources profiles, a model developed by SK&F's Pathology and Toxicology Department. It describes how this model can justify pharmaceutical industry investments in computers for research and development (R&D) project planning and scheduling. It also compares pharmaceutical projects to construction and engineering projects to explain the particular demands of implementing pharmaceutical R&D projects in relation to projects in other industries. It then explains how personal computers can help pharmaceutical managers and executives more effectively and efficiently allocate the resources they need to implement pharmaceutical R&D projects.
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