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As the global economy began its historic downturn in late 2008, the retail retirement team at financial giant Wells Fargo (San Francisco, CA, USA) was already underway with upgrading its Web site so that its customers could better manage their individual retirement accounts (IRAs). This article discusses how the Wells Fargo retail retirement team improved its online services and developed a solution for providing its customers with comprehensive information and industry-leading support. In doing so, it looks at the factors and collaborations that drove this enterprise-wide effort; it describes the innovative method that the Wells team employed to collect the information they needed to update the Wells IRA Web pages. It reports the findings of two corporate studies: one an AARP-sponsored survey looking at how well consumers understand the complexities of using an IRA to optimize one's financial resources; the other, a Vanguard Group survey looking at how often its members updated their accounts during 2009. It
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