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Seet Wai (Charles) Ng, PMP

Project Manager And Senior Rail Transit Engineer With Jacobs, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Seet Wai (Charles) Ng, PMP

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Title: Project manager and senior rail transit engineer

Organization: Jacobs

Industry: Professional services



If you could shadow one person for a day, who would it be?

The comic book superhero The Flash. With his speed and traveling powers, I could quickly address project delays.

What attracted you to project management?

The need to achieve time and resource efficiency through effective planning.

What's most rewarding about your job?

Exploring new solutions to project management challenges and new technologies—such as hydrogen's potential to power trains.

What's your project management mantra?

What you plant will be what you can harvest. So, plan well.

What advice do you have for new project managers?

Do not rush into a project: Planning is the most important stage of a project cycle.

What's the best part of your job?

Seeing a designed rail vehicle finally serving the public.

What's a historical project you wish you could have worked on?

A Japanese bullet train project.

Do not rush into a project: Planning is the most important stage of a project cycle.

If you could give someone an honorary PMI credential, who would it be?

My wife. She's the best project manager of my family's everyday life.

What's one of your favorite films?

The original Independence Day. Good planning and preparation helped win the war against technologically superior aliens—although luck helped, too. PM

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