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Think Fast! (But Carefully)

Snap Decisions Can Sink Or Save A Project; Deliberate Preparation Can Ensure Teams Won't Skip A Beat At Crunch Time

Project professionals can't afford to flinch in today's fast-paced business environment. Nearly 4 in 10 managers say there's an expectation to finish project quickly and stay agile, while 24 percent say they are making decisions about unfamiliar issues, according to a 2017 Forbes Insight global survey. That combination signals growing pressure on project managers to make snap decisions that don't introduce new risks. Whether it's promptly managing a budget increase request or knowing when it's okay to contact the sponsor to resolve a crisis, making the right call is easier said than done. And unless there's a decision-making game plan in place that accounts for rapid-response scenarios, project teams might do more harm than good in crunch time.
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