State-of-art and development prospects of e-procurement in the italian engineering & contracting sector

lessons for managing large development programs

This paper examines the state-of-the-art and development prospects of using e-procurement for projects related to the engineering and contracting (E&C) sector in Italy, through the results of a study carried out during 2001-2002 in collaboration with ANIMP (Italian Association of Industrial Plant Engineering). The companies included in the sample account for 75% of the revenue generated in the sector, (valued at more than $17 billion). Given the globalized reference market and the internationalization of the E&C companies, the results of the study also provide a sound description of the sector's behavior worldwide. Although there are substantial differences between large and medium/small companies, it is evident that a strong information technology (IT) culture has developed at all corporate levels and integrated into working processes, albeit mainly with simpler applications (i.e., e-mail, Web sites, etc).
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