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Europe, Middle East & Africa

Although an increasing number of organizations operating within the region known as EMEA--Europe, Middle East, and Africa--are embracing project management techniques, many more view the discipline as a practice that is not essential to their core business activities. This article examines the state of project management in contemporary EMEA. It discusses the factors that have?over the past decade?both popularized project management within the region and obstructed the field?s expansion across the region. It also identifies the EMEA industries?by country?that have increasingly embraced project management. It then describes the projects (2006 Winter Olympic Games) and industries (construction, engineering, information technology)?all mostly involving multinational efforts?that are shifting EMEA?s perception of, and demand for, project management. It then looks at the significance of investing in project manager training and using project management to manage multi-cultural initiatives. Accompanying this articl
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