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Stop the turnover

When it comes to building a rack star talen pool, hiring doesn't mean much if organizations can't persuade people to stay

Employers take heed: as demand overtakes supply, project practitioners who aren't happy in their current positions will find plenty of opportunities to move on. This article discusses how organizations can act today to ensure their talent doesn't walk out the door tomorrow. In doing so, it cites a study by PMI--Project Management Talent Gap Report--noting that by 2020, 15.7 million new project management jobs will be added around the globe, with an economic impact of more than US$18 trillion. However, the demand for project management practitioners is not matched by the availability of talent with relevant project management skills. The article details how investing greater in the organization's strategic objectives leads to a greater sense of responsibility. It also explains how executives should weave project management practices into the organization's cultural fabric. In addition, the article examines how organizations can hold on to antsy employees by enabling them to advance their careers right where they are.
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