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Rebuilding and maturing a project management practice need not involve shutting down the component or forcing an organization to accept a new solution overnight. This article examines how the Technology Operations (TOps) unit at National Australia Bank overhauled its operation so as to increase its internal customer satisfaction rating and in turn, improve its project services performance. In doing so, it overviews the effort's history and identifies the unit's weaknesses and the effort's challenges. It explains how the unit implemented its revamped approach, which included replacing its decentralized structure with a centralized form based on an integrated approach to practicing project, program, and portfolio management. It describes TOps' use of the FOrDAD life cycle model, a framework that accommodates change rather than resists it. It then describes the approach used to secure leadership support and communicate with key senior managers. It also identifies why this effort was successful and what the TOps team has accomplished since implementing it. Accompanying this article is a sidebar listing five lessons that the TOps team learned from implementing a process to develop its project management capability, a process known as P5 (people, process, portfolio, program, and project management).
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