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There's No One-Size-Fits-All for the Latest Digital Change Projects

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Companies everywhere are pursuing digital transformation projects with zeal, according to the 2018 PwC Digital Trust Insights survey. But how those initiatives are implemented is far from uniform.



of business leaders say they plan to invest in aligning business objectives with information security strategy over the next year.

A majority of corporate leaders say implementing emerging tech is critical for business. But few are very confident they've built the proper digital trust controls, such as security, privacy and data ethics, for such projects.




of enterprise-wide digital transformation projects include security and/or privacy personnel as stakeholders. Yet only 53 percent of business leaders say that proactive risk management is baked into the project plan fully from the start.

Some sectors are better than others at prioritizing management of cyber and privacy risks on digital transformation projects:

img 1. Financial services

img 2. Healthcare

img 3. Technology, media and telecom

img 4. Manufacturing and industrial products

img 5. Energy, utilities and mining

img 6. Consumer markets

When business leaders communicate cyber and privacy risks to the board on enterprise-wide transformation initiatives:




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