The case of the troubled project

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to know when your project is in peril, but knowing why is a different matter. Like a crime scene, troubled projects are flush with clues. To catch the culprit, a project manager must think like a detective. This article identifies five telltale signs of trouble brewing within a project. In doing so, it explains how the project plan is the first place a project manager should look for clues to the cause of trouble. It then summarizes how a stakeholder analysis helps project managers distinguish between those who prefer to get down to business and those who need more time. In addition, the article examines deviations from the project timeline and budget. Next, it explains how to track a project's status by looking for objective measures, such as cost and schedule performance indices. The article concludes by discussing how to resolve problems caused by unhappy team members. Accompanying the article is a sidebar listing tips to help project managers put troubled projects on the ro
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