Managing the intangible aspects of a project

the affect of vision, artifacts, and leader values on project spirit and success in technology-driven projects

Successful projects are often characterized by a unique spirit. Project participants are committed to the project's mission, eager to invest extra effort, spontaneously take actions to support each other, and are proud to be part of the team. This paper centers on the influence of informal levers leaders can exercise to direct team members' emotions, attitudes, and norms, termed spirit, toward shared project goals. It concentrates on the influence of spirit on contextual performance behavior and successful outcomes. It examines whether less explicit activities executed by the leader can influence participants' spirit in technology-driven projects and ultimately enhance success. To accomplish this goal, the study has two phases. The first part of the study presents a quantitative test of the model, and the second part consists of three technology-challenging projects for in-depth qualitative analysis.
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