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A PMI Report Examines Six Pressing Trends for Project Leaders


Transforming horizon-focused strategic visions into here-and-now reality can't happen in a vacuum. Instead, project leaders must cultivate a deep understanding of the business, technological, economic and geopolitical currents shaping the world around them. Here are six big trends driving The Project Economy, according to the PMI 2020 Signposts Report:

1. Africa and most of the developing world boast a new generation of talent eager to tackle projects.

2. Climate change is an existential threat to civilization, but project professionals can play a pivotal role in avoiding the point of no return.

3. Artificial intelligence is creating diverse opportunities—and a demand for the right blend of people and tech skills.

4. Globalization appears to be falling out of vogue given the rampant protectionism. But for many teams, it's cross-border business as usual.

5. The global infrastructure gap between needs and investment continues to widen. Project leaders can close it with data-driven innovation—and good old-fashioned people skills.

6. A cross-disciplinary cybersecurity culture across the enterprise is needed to keep information safe.


Dive deeper into these insights in the PMI 2020 Signposts Report at

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