The upper hand

PM Network asked five female managers about the progress of women in the global workplace. 'Start your own business,' was the best career advice Elizabeth Pollitzer ever received; she went on to found a London information technology (IT) firm, ITsynergy. Jan Wells, Director of Project Management for GMP Companies Inc. of Florida, stated her belief that women were better than men at people skills, and acknowledged that gender bias was still a problem - more so in some countries than others. In Brazil women still face huge barriers in the workplace, according to Margareth Fabiola dos Santos Carneiro, CEO of PMA-Professional Management in Brasilia. She believes that government and businesses needed to work together to lower cultural barriers. Both Brenda Treasure (PMI President of the Melbourne, Australia Chapter, and founder of Brenda Hogan Executive Services Pty. Ltd.) and Ruth Sacks (Director at SjS Consulting, Ltd., Yorkshire, U.K.) agreed that women still must work harder than men to achieve the same result
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