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  • Change Agility across Different Cultures member content open

    By Hassan, Mohamed Khalifa | Ilyas, Muhammad A. B. Communication revolution and globalization have turned the world into one large village where individuals and organizations are now connected in unimaginable ways. The result is a highly dynamic…

  • Negotiate to win across cultures member content open

    By Ilyas, Muhammad A. B. | Hassan, Mohamed Khalifa Effective executives and managers understand the roll of negotiations in all aspects of business, from beginning to end. In today's global marketplace, managers also must understand the importance…

  • Changing the culture to a customer-centric organization member content open

    By Levin, Ginger The Project Management Institute (PMI) points out in its "Pulse of the profession®" report that too many programs and projects fail to meet customer expectations, and the result is a decrease in…

  • Leading cross cultural teams in today's global marketplace member content open

    By Mayer, Margery | Bello, Yan Today's business is global, with many companies having locations around the world and others using resellers, partners, consultants, or subcontractors to deliver products and services wherever…

  • Global communications member content open

    By Mayer, Margery Business today is global; many companies have locations around the world, and others use resellers, partners, or subcontractors to deliver products and services wherever needed. Regardless of the…

  • The importance of culture when managing international projects member content open

    By Hehl, Mark C. The challenges in managing a globally dispersed project team are many. Not only must project managers develop strategies that enable team members to communicate and collaborate, they must also…

  • Globalization member content open

    By Duranti, Giancarlo As more organizations extend their reach globally, more project managers are leading project teams composed of individuals from different cultures. This paper examines the complexities involved in…

  • Entendiendo la comunicación no verbal en un equipo de proyecto multicultural member content open

    By Morlan, Conrado El PMBOK® del PMI incluye un capítulo dedicado al Área de Conocimiento sobre la Gestión de las Comunicaciones del Proyecto. Éste incluye apartados sobre la planificación de las comunicaciones, la…

  • The Tower of Babel member content open

    By Gerosa, Sergio In the classic Biblical story known as The Tower of Babel, the people attempting to complete a major engineering feat fail because they cannot effectively speak with--and listen to--one another. It…

  • Intercultural communication in global business member content open

    By Dzenowagis, Anastasia The Internet and advanced technology now enables organizations and individuals to communicate worldwide and collaborate globally. But to successfully communicate across borders, organizations and…