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    Clean Sweep

    By Jones, Tegan Smarter, cheaper renewable energy is on the way -- and it can't come fast enough. Power generated from next-gen clean sources is integral to stemming the impact of climate change and satisfying a…

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    Surge Protectors

    Metric depiction on the global demand for energy.

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    By Parsi, Novid Utilities need to ensure access to a constant flow of renewable energy no matter what Mother Nature does to limit it. As the need grows to generate more robust data that helps companies more…

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    Edge of Infinity

    Clean, limitless energy is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Nuclear fusion is very real, with the potential to generate an inexhaustible supply of zero-carbon energy, without the intense…

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    Balance of Power

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Not even the best-laid plans could guarantee that a project to build one of the world's largest net-zero energy commercial buildings would deliver on its ambitious promise. "We worked hard on the…

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    Learning to Float

    By Hermans, Amanda Project teams are taking solar on a virtual boat ride, creating floating farms that gain maximum exposure to the sun. In India, plans are underway for the government to set up a 1,000-megawatt…

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    By Bishel, Ashley | Hermans, Amanda Both fast-growing renewables and traditional energy sources are at an inflection point. Renewables are poised for major expansion, as public pressure to address climate change solidifies in global…

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    By Bishel, Ashley, Hermans, Amanda Tanto las energías renovables de rápido crecimiento como las fuentes de energía tradicionales se encuentran en un punto de inflexión. Las energías renovables están preparadas para una gran expansión…

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    Equilíbrio de energias

    By Bishel, Ashley | Hermans, Amanda Tanto energias renováveis de crescimento rápido como fontes de energia tradicionais estão em um ponto de inflexão. As energias renováveis estão prontas para uma grande expansão, à medida que a…

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    Power Play

    By Fister Gale, Sarah India's skyrocketing growth is only matched by its surging demand for energy—expected to roughly double over the next two decades. With India on pace to consume more than 10 percent of the global…