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    Tailor-Made registered user content locked

    Plenty of retailers achieve brand consistency with a copy-and-paste approach to their design-build projects. But luxury fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana takes a different tack: collaborating with…

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    Prius registered user content locked

    For nearly a century, the auto industry was content to churn out gas-guzzling vehicles that peeled away at the earth's ozone layer and drained wallets with fuel costs. That changed when Japanese…

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    Subpar results registered user content locked

    By Rockwood, Kate For the first time in a quarter century, the world's fleet of submarines is growing. Yet turbulent political waters and shifting requirements mean many sub manufacturing projects are struggling to…

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    Looking Forward registered user content locked

    By Neath, Gavin The international push to integrate sustainability into business operations is changing the way companies worldwide manage and measure both business and project success. This article features a…

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    Global know how registered user content locked

    By Bauer, Natalie This article discusses the importance of communications strategies to multifaceted global projects, and presents different approaches used by three manufacturing companies. Eastman Kodak improved…

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    Missing links registered user content locked

    By Hoffman, William This article provides numerous examples of how supply chain failures can wreck havoc on a business, and offers guidance about how to anticipate and avoid major disruptions. High-tech businesses are…

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    Destination automation registered user content locked

    By Atkinson, William Today's manufacturing project managers view complexity and uncertainty as opportunities, finding innovative ways to quickly address technology, productivity, and workforce issues.Automation is the…

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    Assembly line registered user content locked

    By Richardson, Helen L. The automotive industry is constantly searching out new ways to improve the design process for new products. Project management processes have allowed this industry with a method to insure that no…