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    Safe Way

    By Waity, C. J. Overcrowding on Mumbai, India's above-ground rails is so extreme, it's often deadly. On average, seven commuters die each day, with more than 2,700 deaths in 2018. Relief is en route, with the state…

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    Camino seguro

    By Waity, C. J. La saturación de los trenes de superficie de Mumbai, India, es tan extrema que a menudo es mortal. En promedio mueren siete pasajeros cada día; esto significó más de 2.700 muertes en 2018. Sin…

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    Maneira segura

    By Waity, C. J. Superlotação em Mumbai, as linhas de trem da Índia são tão radicais que muitas vezes são fatais. Em média, sete passageiros morrem por dia, com mais de 2.700 mortes em 2018. O alívio está a caminho,…

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    Uma mudança ímpar

    By Parsi, Novid Kiruna, Suécia, não será reconstruída em um dia. Mas o primeiro grande marco para a realocação dessa cidade mineradora do Ártico deixou uma coisa clara: os 18.000 residentes estão totalmente…

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    Sello personal

    By Parsi, Novid La ciudad sueca de Kiruna no se reconstruirá en un día. Pero el principal hito para la reubicación de la ciudad minera del Ártico dejó claro una cosa: los 18.000 residentes están completamente…

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    Signature Move

    By Parsi, Novid Kiruna, Sweden won't be rebuilt in a day. But the first major milestone for relocating the Arctic mining town made one thing clear: The 18,000 residents are fully invested in driving the vision for…

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    Cognitive Care

    Artificial intelligence (AI) might be just what the doctor ordered. Healthcare organizations are collaborating with scientists and tech companies to launch R&D and pilot projects. The goal is to…

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    New Way To Move

    By Jones, Tegan The daily commute can be a real grind. In the United States, the average time for traveling to and from work is approaching 27 minutes each way, the longest it's ever been. It's even worse in…

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    Frozen Assets

    By Jones, Tegan Diamonds are forever. Diamond mines are not. Each mine has a set carat count it's projected to produce in its limited lifespan. And how quickly a mine can ramp up production plays a large part in…

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    Tomb On Wheels

    Here's a stressful project: Put a 15th-century, 1,100-ton tomb on wheels and then move it more than a mile (1.6 kilometers) to its new home on higher ground. Oh, and government officials backing the…