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    The Role and Characteristics of Hybrid Approaches to Project Management in the Development of Technology-Based Products and Services member content locked

    By Copola Azenha, Flávio | Aparecida Reis, Diane | Leme Fleury, André The objective of this research is to analyze how organizations that develop technology-based products and services apply hybrid approaches to project management, their characteristics, advantages,…

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    Teams and Project Performance member content locked

    By Dasí, Àngels | Pedersen, Torben | Barakat, Lívia Lopes | Alves, Tiago Rangel This article analyzes the relationships between project performance and the team’s ability, motivation, and opportunity (AMO)

  • Project Management Journal

    Plagiarism in Project Studies member content locked

    By Geraldi, Joana Plagiarism is condemned yet remains a frequently occurring form of academic misconduct. This editorial informs project scholars about plagiarism and Project Management Journal’s (PMJ®) approach to it.

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    Public Engagement Events and the Management of External Stakeholders member content locked

    By Chow, Vivien | Leiringer, Roine In this article, we explore the ways in which material artifacts are used in formal public engagement proceedings on urban development projects in Hong Kong.

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    The Missing Link in Project Governance member content locked

    By Ferrer, Paulo Sergio Scoleze | Araújo Galvão, Graziela Darla | Monteiro de Carvalho, Marly This study aims to understand how the information about corporate governance precepts permeates the organization within the project environment and influences decision making.

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    An Exploratory Configurational Analysis of Knowledge Hiding Antecedents in Project Teams member content locked

    By Moh'd, Shaima' Salem | Černe, Matej | Zhang, Pengcheng Drawing on achievement goal theory and job design frameworks, this study explores how certain antecedents combine in configurations to trigger knowledge hiding behavior among project teammates.

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    Investigating the “Socio” in Socio-Technical Development member content locked

    By Hennel, Phil | Rosenkranz, Christoph Team processes, behavior, and agile practices used by team members play important parts in the success of projects. To reap benefits from these highly interactive and social-focused practices, team…

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    Proactively Monitoring Large Project Portfolios member content locked

    By Hopmere, Michael | Crawford, Lynn | Harré, Michael S. The discipline of project management has evolved over the years, yet projects still run into trouble, failing entirely, running late, or not delivering expected benefits. Program and portfolio…

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    Project-As-Practice member content locked

    By Kalogeropoulos, Theodoros | Leopoulos, Vrassidas | Kirytopoulos, Konstantinos | Ventoura, Zoe Researchers have not studied the human side of project managers thoroughly. Decision-making mechanisms lie not only in technocratic knowledge but also in practitioners’ inner cultures and personal…