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    Projects with purpose

    By Blair, Ryan The author--an entrepreneur, executive coach, public speaker, and co-founder of wireless broadband Internet provider SkyPipeline--outlines what he calls The Five Principles of Fulfillment, a system…

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    Resolving team conflict

    By Van Slyke, Erik J. Conflict is not an exceptional but a normal and expected part of organization life. It can have deleterious effects on productivity and team morale unless handled constructively. This article…

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    Global Program Management

    By Calogero, Barry | Metcalf III, Louis E. In the rapidly growing international economy, global projects are becoming increasingly common. This article discusses numerous challenges faced by global project management, such as language…

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    The global challenge

    By Eaton, David This author--the CEO and founder of the Eaton Consulting Group--discusses how his company uses internal project management processes to orient new employees and virtual teams and help them…

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    It's a small world

    By Jedd, Marcia To successfully manage projects in today's seemingly borderless global business environment, project managers must possess a refined sensitivity to--and expansive awareness of--the ways in which…

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    Zones of assimilation

    By Somani, Sheilina Project managers can empower project teams with the capabilities needed to perform at their best by selecting and instituting practices that accentuate the specific qualities and abilities of…

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    Discovering bias in facilitated teams

    By Ziv, Edward A. Bias--deeply held opinions or subjective perspectives--can hinder project team formation, cripple communication, or erupt in conflict and threaten project success. Bias can be recognized by people's…

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    Shared vision creates strong project teams

    By Knutson, Joan | Parker, Benjamin J. This article advises creating a shared vision of a project as part of project planning to encourage team development and foster project success.

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    Turn liabilities into assets

    By Pappas, Lorna Project sponsors play several key roles in realizing projects. In addition to generating executive support for projects and providing teams with the resources they require to realize projects, they…

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    Bringing meaning to work

    By Sullivan, John In a team-based organization, team members are often charged with knowing how to accomplish tasks and knowing which tasks to accomplish. This article offers suggestions for fine-tuning vague…