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    Accessible Space

    Space is about to become much more accessible. Through its parastronaut feasibility project, the European Space Agency (ESA) will work with its U.S. and Russian partners to make space missions more…

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    The Force of 5g

    5G offers up to 100 times the speed and 1,000 times the capacity of today's mobile networks. As 5G's adoption and rollout accelerate, the economic impact of ubiquitous, ultrafast broadband is coming…

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    Look Who's Talking

    PM Network asks the project management community about videoconferencing.

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    Agility Amplified

    Organizations that adapt to new expectations in a post-pandemic world are gaining a competitive advantage in The Project Economy, according to PMI's latest Pulse of the Profession®.

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    The Certainty of Uncertainty

    By Fewell, Jesse, As much as we yearn for a pre-pandemic return, it's naive to think the old ways of work will ever return—even for agile. From the dot-bomb to the decline of brick-and-mortar retail to electric…

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    Adventure Island

    Majara Residence is a surreal dream. The seriesof urban developments on Iran's Hormuz Island, designed by Tehran's ZAV Architects, spans 10,300 square meters (110,868 square feet), with shapes and…

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    New Urban Utopia

    By Thomas, Jennifer, Proximity evoked peril. Density brought danger, if not death. As the pandemic gripped the globe, the hallmarks of urban living—public transportation, high-rises with shared amenities, crowded…

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    Great Depths

    Talk about a deep dive. A team in Poland completed the deepest diving pool in the world last year—but that title likely won't last for long. A U.K. team is in the middle of a project that would…

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    Retail Reinvention

    Retailers are amping up the tech innovation—making their first moves toward what they hope is a brick-and-mortar revival. As many as 10,000 stores in the United States alone could close by the end…

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    From Chaos to Cohesion

    By Wilkinson, Amy, Nearly 6 in 10 people expect to be working from home at least eight days a month, according to a 2020 global survey by Cisco. Several companies, including Twitter and Zillow, have extended…