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  • Ready for Tomorrow

    Ready for Tomorrow?

    Project professionals must future-proof their careers. That means adapting to change and becoming a strategic thinker.

  • PM Network

    Beyond Tech member content locked

    Metric depiction of the evolving roles of the CIOs as digital technologies move to the heart of organizations.

  • PM Network

    Steeling for Growth member content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah India's steel producers face a problem. The country's national government wants to create new cities from scratch, develop a new industrial corridor and expand the country's freight rail network.…

  • PM Network

    Something out of a Book member content locked

    Long live print. For the Tianjin Binhai Library in Tianjin, China, a visually stunning style was the secret to drawing in bibliophiles of all stripes. Designed to resemble a human eye, the…

  • PM Network

    Taking Flight member content locked

    By Ali, Ambreen Mexico is building momentum. After years of liberalizing the economy, the country's government is welcoming organizations from around the world to back big-ticket projects, and spur growth.

  • PM Network

    Appetite for Change member content locked

    By Rockwood, Kate The grocery industry is stocking up for the digital future. Large chains and tech startups alike are transforming the shopping experience by launching innovative projects to expand online…

  • PM Network

    Public Domain member content locked

    By Hendershot, Steve Agile approaches are no longer an enemy of the state. Following the private tech sector's lead, governments around the world are finally embracing change by adopting agile as a preferred delivery…

  • PM Network

    Damage Prevention member content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah The danger zone for deadly natural disaster knows no boundaries. Last year alone brought severe flooding in China and Peru, devastating earthquakes in Mexico, historic hurricanes in the United…

  • PM Network

    Carla Catalano, PMP member content locked

    PM Network interviews Carla Catalano, PMP, senior project manager at Microsoft.

  • PM Network

    Time for a Shift member content locked

    By Scott, Lindsay Project management professional Lindsay Scott answers questions about job hunting and career changes.


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