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  • Industry specific risk management (managing ecommerce initiatives in traditional enterprises) member content open

    By Ramaswamy, Vijay | Murphy, Gerard With the collapse of the "dot com" economy, many of the start-up organizations have folded, the primary reason being lack of sustainable business. Large enterprises have also been affected by the…

  • How to be a successful failure member content open

    By Hillson, David Because of the numerous risks involved in operating in today's hypercompetitive global marketplace, many organizations will not tolerate failure. But such a perspective also prevents growth and…

  • Emergency response for troubled projects--a five-dose prescription member content open

    By Ward, J. LeRoy Projects fail for an infinite number of reasons and in an infinite number of ways. Knowing how to turn a failing project around once it begins to deviate from its planned course, however, requires a…

  • PMRS member content open

    By Anyosa Soca, Víctor | Rojas, Jorge For any project manager trying to turn a failing project around, a recovery effort may seem like an almost impossible task. And one obstacle which often hinders project recovery efforts is the human…

  • Seven causes of project failure member content open

    By Discenza, Richard | Forman, James B. Each year, organizations around the world expend much of their resources in implementing projects that ultimately fail for reasons complex and oftentimes, for reasons simple. This paper examines how…

  • Titanic lessons for IT projects member content open

    By Kozak-Holland, Mark The sinking of the luxury cruise ship R.M.S. Titanic is a exemplar example of a project that over-promised and--tragically--under-delivered. As with all failures, especially as with those having the…

  • Project failure member content open

    By Scanlan, Jim When developing large projects, especially those for uncertain and complex new products such as software, project managers must outline a project plan that shows the activities the team must perform…

  • Out of the woodwork--the continuing challenges of bringing control to a troubled project member content open

    By Goodman, Elizabeth | Henry, Patricia Responding too late to a troubled project can not only cause project failure but also drive up project cost, which could result--in the worst case scenario--in an organization's financial ruin. This…

  • Incorporating environmentalism into project management member content open

    By Snoey, Andrew As the world gets more industrialized and crowded, project managers will need to account for the environmental aspects of their initiatives. This increased awareness will force the project manager…