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    The Best Medicine

    By Jones, Tegan Everyone needs access to quality healthcare— but what that should look like is a wildly contentious and ever-evolving issue in the United States. As policies shift with the political winds,…

  • Strap Photo


    Borrowing an idea from autonomous vehicles, a startup uses tech to reenvision how the visually impaired navigate the world.

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    Medical Migration

    By Wilkinson, Amy Life-or-death decisions sometimes hang on whether doctors and nurses have safe, secure and swift access to patient records. That’s especially true for Adventist Health, one of the largest rural…

  • VSZ-20-2 Ventilator Photo

    VSZ-20-2 Ventilator

    A home-grown, no-frills machine lets Mexico’s healthcare system quickly respond to pandemic patient needs.

  • iMASC photo


    A go-to face covering for front-line healthcare workers is reimagined to make it more comfortable—and reusable.

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    Quem poupa tem

    By Parsi, Novid Se o alto custo da saúde privada nos Estados Unidos não fosse ruim o suficiente, grande parte dessa despesa seria evitável. De acordo com um estudo de 2019 publicado no Journal of the American…

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    By Bishel, Ashley | Hermans, Amanda Healthcare leaders have to stay ahead of a lot of pain points: rising costs, new models of care and data security concerns—to name a few. And as the industry continues to inch toward digitization,…

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    Controle de custo

    By Bishel, Ashley | Hermans, Amanda Líderes da área de assistência médica precisam se antecipar a muitos pontos problemáticos: aumento de custos, novos modelos de atendi-mento e preocupações com segurança de dados, só para citar…

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    Cuidado de la salud

    By Bishel, Ashley | Hermans, Amanda Los líderes de la atención médica deben adelantarse a muchos puntos débiles: costos crecientes, nuevos modelos de atención y preocupaciones sobre la seguridad de los datos, por nombrar algunos. Y a…

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    A Discursive Sensemaking Perspective on Project-Based Work in Public Healthcare member content locked

    By Lunkka, Nina | Pietiläinen, Ville | Suhonen, Marjo This study investigates project participants' sensemaking of lived work experiences during periods of organizational change within Finnish public healthcare. It introduces a discursive sensemaking…